Monday, November 26, 2007

Recently Rejected Patriotic-Themed T-Shirt Slogans

This was passed to me recently by a nice enough fellow.  I hated to hear that his hard work had not panned out for him (obviously much time and effort went into these), and I don't see why at least some of these designs were not considered for purchase.


Patriotic T-Shirt Slogans Recently Rejected for Submission to a Major Discount Retailer as Being “Inappropriate” for the Intended Audience of Lower to Middle Class 35 to 50 Year Old Women

All-American MILF

True Patriot: I Blew Our Founding Fathers

Proud to Service Our Men In the Service

100% American (by which I mean a mix of multiple European ancestors, with some African and Asian thrown in here and there - not native American. If I'd meant "native American" I'd have said "100% Indian," because that is what we call them, even though they aren't from India.)

Franklin Was Right: Older Chicks Make Better Lovers

Do you see fireworks too, or am I just having hot flashes?

Contents of This Shirt Made and Assembled in USA

Contents of This Shirt Assembled in USA from Foreign Parts

Just Because I Brazilian Wax Doesn't Make Me Any Less (North) American

Sure, the implants were made in China, but by-god the OUTSIDE of this rack was made in the U.S. of A.!!!

Proud of My Genetically Homogeneous Heritage

Just Another All American Girl Next Door Who F***s Like a Porn Star


Respectfully Submitted,
B. Freret

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