Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I was taken aback this afternoon when I noticed a license plate emblazoned “RUSH LVR”.

I would not have thought the state would approve such a plate. Regardless of one’s affinity for alkyl nitrates, does it not seem extremely unlikely that the state would approve, for example, WEED LVR, COKE LVR, METH LVR, or CRAK LVR? So why the exception for poppers?

Oh, wait. How embarrassing. Perhaps the plate refers instead to that Canadian band with the fellow who sings through his nose, causing a delightful and unique tone that you don’t really hear so much as feel betwixt the ears. The three member group with the forty five minute songs – each utilizing random and inconsistent time signatures that change every few measures, like 232/15, then 12/82, then 3/70, followed by 666/3 – great foot-tapping fun, those!

No, I apologize, that is ridiculous, isn’t it? No one would put THAT Rush on a license plate, and if they did, could not in good conscience proclaim themselves to be a LVR of those guys.

No, one is not a LVR of petrified Canadians. It seems more natural to be a LVR of, say, a SK8R BOI, or someone with L337 SK1LZ.

Must just be a drug reference, then. This one must have slipped past the folks whose job it is to maintain and meticulously cross reference the master list of prohibited license plates.

Shame on you, state employee(s)!

Your obedient servant,
B. Freret


jreed said...

Now that you've conquered Rush, have you ever heard of Loverboy?....

Boski93 said...

Rush = the anti Ramones.

B. Freret said...

"Rush = the anti Ramones."

True, that.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they are on the organ donor list, waiting for a liver? That would explain the rush.

Anonymous said...

pretty good...there was one i saw one time that killed me - couldn't believe the state had let it thru. some reference to a part of the female anatomy - when i can remember it, i'll pass it along. i haven't disappeared...just reworking a new blog and not sure where to go yet with it.
maggie f