Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Beer & Stripper Markets Bullish

American Funds took a break from spending my retirement account on the still-viable fermented beverage and exotic dance industries long enough to prepare and send me this:

I now feel comforted - soothed, even - knowing that the money I lost last year might be the result of guidance from experienced investors. I was uncomfortable after the 2007 annual report arrived, though the photograph of the tic-tac-toe playing rooster was crisp and colorful, and he seemed nice enough. (Or perhaps they mean that American Funds only recently brought in the experienced investors, to correct for last year's losses? Regardless, the point is that now experienced investors can guide me through a challenging market. And presumably those folks are somehow associated with American Funds.)

Before receiving the annual report with its thoughtful cover and witty tagline, I was under the impression that this is what was happening:

Note: Kayak Not to Scale


Perhaps this year they will forego spending my retirement account on the fermented beverage and exotic dance industries and will instead invest it there?

Humbly, I am,
B. Freret

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Boski93 said...

Now don't be too quick to give up on the fermented beverages, especially beer. Right now you may get a better return on investment on buying cases of beer and recycling the cans then whats in most people 401K portfolios these days.