Monday, November 24, 2008

“How to Surf the Web on Your Mac Computer”

Reader Elle emailed me concerning an instructional DVD that she reports has been tremendously beneficial in helping her overcome some cognitive shortcomings.

It is “How to Surf the Web on Your Mac Computer” and can be found in your parish or county public library or online at Amazon.

Apparently this DVD is Volume 6 in a series of instructional DVDs that include

Volume 1: “Mornings - What to Do When the Bright Light Shines Through Your Bedroom Window,”

Volume 2: “How to Make the Gnawing Feeling in Your Tummy Go Away Using Items from Your Pantry,”

Volume 3: “How to Move Your Bowels - A Comprehensive Study from Squat to Flush,”

Volume 4: “Telephones – Demystifying the Persistent Ringing Sound,”


Volume 5: “Introduction to Electrical Outlets - Bad for Kitty, Good for Items that have Cords with Pronged Plugs at One End.”

Thank you, Elle, for sharing this. I’m so proud of you for figuring out how to operate your television and DVD player so you could watch!

Respectfully, I remain
B. Freret

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