Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Lucas Held’s Google Ads Are Funnier Than His Latest Blog Entry

P.R. forwarded me this via email:

Lucas Held is a gifted, brilliant, hilarious writer with more talent in his toenail clippings than I could ever hope to have (the talent, I mean – not so interested in the clippings).

Like anyone, he’s entitled to have an off day every once in a while.

He’s goofed on grandparents lately, so between that and his name here is what Google AdSense* thinks his readers will be interested in:

Hand Held Barcode Scanner

Wrinkle Cream

Grandmother Chat (!)

Cabo San Lucas Resort

Ouch! Nobody should have Google Ads that are funnier than their most recent post. Sorry, Mr. Held. (I love you anyway.)

“Google AdSense is a content-targeted advertising program. This means that you do not select keywords or categories for your ads. Instead, Google's servers determine what your posts are about and display the most relevant ads to your readers. So, if you blog about baseball, there might be ads for Major League Baseball memorabilia next to your post. If you blog about painting, there might be ads for art supplies.”


While I am glad to find that link to the Grandmother chat, I must admit that P.R. raises a valid point. Thank you, as always, for thinking of me!

Your Humble and Obedient Servant,
B. Freret

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