Saturday, November 15, 2008

"Republican Head"

I just finished reviewing all my home phone Caller ID entries from the weeks leading up to the election: there are no fewer than two dozen missed calls that proclaim to be from "REPUBLICAN HEAD".

No comment* (is any necessary?), those are just two words I never thought I'd see together. I cannot say that I am sorry to have missed those calls.

The person(s) responsible for politicizing fellatio should be unceremoniously shot.

B. Freret

* In the history of language, has a leading word ever been as effective at sucking (sorry) the fun out of the trailing word? "Taxable income," for example, doesn't even come close. "Prison sex" is worse, now that I think about it.

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Bill Austin said...

"politicizing fellatio" haha

"RE: BotD still active? "

We are still here - just working too hard and not having enough fun.

Thanks for the wake-up call.

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Bill Austin