Tuesday, January 29, 2008

An Open Letter to the Guy in the Black Volvo from My Kid's School

Dear Driver of the Black Volvo Who Drops His Kid off at School the Same Time I Drop off Mine,

When you cut in front of me at School drop-off last week, I did not jump to conclusions.

I did not automatically assume that you were either intentionally discourteous or that you failed to appreciate how lines work or how to take your turn. Though dangerous (darting in front of me like you did after I'd already begun to turn into the drive) I simply assumed that you were too focused to notice that there were other cars ahead of you. These things happen.

But you did it again this morning, exactly as before, when I was (again) already turning into the drive. Were it not for my anti-lock brakes, you would have noticed the staccato screech of my tires - a sure sign of an involuntary yield. I now realize that one of two alternatives are likely true: a) you don't know how lines work, that is, how to take your turn, or b) you know and simply don't care. If you've managed to cut me off out of turn twice in the last seven days, it is safe to assume that you do it frequently, perhaps even daily.

Regardless of the cause or frequency, stop it. No doubt there are areas in life where you are permitted to be self absorbed to your heart's content - where doing so is encouraged if not rewarded - but the drop off line at School is not one of them.

So knock it off. Don't cut in front of car(s) ahead of you. Take your turn.

I am, Your Humble Servant,
B. Freret