Friday, October 23, 2009

Admonitions I've Unsuccessfully Tried to Shout Out the Car Window, Part I

"While I appreciate that you’ve stopped in the middle of the street to encourage that truck waiting at the intersection to turn out in front of you by waiving frantically at the driver, as the car immediately behind you, I couldn’t help but notice that our light is green (so, presumably, his red light will eventually turn green as well, eliminating the need for such a selfless gesture of kindness on your part) and while I cannot speak for any driver other than myself, I personally believe that your obligations with respect to the right of way are greater to the fifteen cars behind you who are presently avoiding rear ending one another because you’ve stopped for no reason at a green light."


Jenny said...

I believe that I, also, have tried to shout this admonishment at one point or another.

jonathandanz said...

Seems reasonable to me. Maybe you could put a giant scrolling LED billboard on the top of your car so you can convey your message more effectively.

John C said...

I find that using educated language in such circumstances has little effect for a positive outcome. I tend to stay with one syllable words.

Raven said...

Oh can I identify with this one. I hate it when drivers on the main road try to yield to traffic on the side streets.

Polite or idiotic?

I guess it depends whether you're behind the dope who stopped in the middle of the road. Or you're the dope who actually went ahead and pulled out in front of him/her.