Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Heavier Things

The past few months I’ve neglected to thank several very talented, very kind people who have been generous with their skills and attention, so this unusual post is going to catch up on several thank yous that I owe:

First, this portrait of me is an original work by the amazingly talented Bentoons. Thank you, Ben! Ben plays bass in Pain of Evolution. He will kick your ass at chess. I’m not 100% on this, but I think that the time he spent drawing this portrait satisfied the last of his community service hours, so I think he gets the anklet removed and is safe to be around again. According to the court. Maybe.

Second, thank you Keelia Paulsen for designing the breathtaking All Hail Boudreau T-Shirt, and thank you Emily Cleigh for coordinating an utterly undeserved photo shoot of beautiful people wearing them. Notwithstanding my friend John’s reaction that “man, there must not be anything to do in Des Moines,” you know there is, and that these people all had better ways to spend their time.

Third, please extend your sympathy to both Anne Riley and Anna Lefler, who each ran out of things to write about on their own blogs, so they interviewed me. Between the two, every detail about my entire life has now been revealed, but if, for whatever reason, you want to interview me, I am available. If your first name is no more than four letters long, and the first three are “A-n-n.”

Fourth, my thanks to Dr. Donna Souder and Dr. Katherine Frank of Colorado State University, Pueblo: to Dr. Souder for inviting me to meet and spend time with the amazing* CSU-P faculty and students, and Dr. Frank for allowing me to stay once she found out. (And props for not following through on that call to the P.P.D. – whew, we’ll all look back on that one day and laugh, won’t we? Won’t we? I owe you one, Dr. Frank!)

Finally, thanks to Emily Cleigh again, for sharing her experience with something I wrote at Fictionaut.

Consistent with the somber, appreciative mood of this post, I leave you with this audio – me doing “Dirty” Harry Callahan at the Improv. On helium.

Humbly, I remain,

B. Freret

* Nobody left the room through the whole thing- can you believe it?