Sunday, October 03, 2010

Boudreau's Birthday Bash Word Count Writing Contest

The title is a bit misleading, I'm afraid, because it isn't really my writing contest, but a friend of mine (who, unlike me, is a writer) has asked me to do this for him. Apparently he doesn't own or use a computer, and I am nothing if not accommodating. (It is, however, my birthday. Hence the title.)

So, here is the deal.

This is a word count contest: (s)he who writes the most words during the duration of the contest toward one single project shall be the winner. There will be a prize.

There are rules:

  • If, like my friend, you are nearing completion of a manuscript, you may work on it for the contest, but only the words you write during the contest period will count for the contest. If you finish, as my friend intends to, you may begin a second project.
  • The contest will commence at 12:01am EST 10/10/10, and conclude at 11:59pm EST on 10/23/10. My abacus suggests this is very nearly two weeks.
  • You must email me at no later than 10/9/10 if you wish to participate.
  • You must post a running total word count daily at your blog / web site, so the other competitors can see where everyone stands.
  • You must email a single Word document containing all the words you've written, to me, before 12:00am EST 10/24/10. I will use Word to determine the total number of words in your document. I will then destroy the document, and the email, and if you'd like, my computer as well, unless you tell me in the body of the email that I may read the document, in which case I will likely read a page or two or the whole thing, weeping and gnashing my teeth (rending of clothing discretionary) at the beauty of your work, before destroying the document, and the email, and my computer.
  • There will be a prize. My friend who made up this contest is ineligible for the prize, which works out well for you, because he is an inhuman machine when it comes to generating gratuitous verbosity.
  • You must wish me a happy birthday. It is 10/10/10.

The prize is a new copy of Todd Heldt's novel, Before You Were a Prophet. (Todd Heldt is eligible for the contest, but not the prize.) I own a copy. I have read it. I think you should, too. (I am not sending you my copy, I will not part with it, so stop asking.)

In the stupendously unlikely event that the winner beats my friend's two week record of 41,301 words, then a bonus prize will be given in addition to Before You Were a Prophet. The bonus prize is Todd Heldt's recent collection of poems, Card Tricks for the Starving. I own a copy. I have read it. I think you should, too. (I am not parting with my copy, but let's be realistic, nobody is going to write more than 41,301 words, anyway, so I'm probably not going to have to buy a second copy to give to you.)

Right now, these are not signed copies, but if the winner would like, I will forge Todd's signature, along with a nice note about that time you shared together in Milan, inside the book(s).

If you have any questions, please email me. I will post the participants with links to their sites, and will post regular progress reports and questions / answers, here.

Humbly, I remain,
B. Freret

Me, reading my copy.


Rochelle Denisha said...

I'm game. I have two papers that I need to work on for publication. (And, I've still been batting around an idea for a novel. Maybe I'll start that, too.) I won't win but I could use the kick in the ass.

Have you seen Donna and my writing bet photos? We both lost.

Chris said...

Bring it. Oh, wait. I have to bring it. I get it...

C Bailey said...

Sadly, I'm going to have to opt out of this one as I cannot possibly win... I'll be celebrating my own birthday that week and loudly, too, I hope.

But I'm gearing up the next one...

Bad Alice said...

Alas I have no project that I'm working on, or even a ghost of an idea. Nothing simmering on the back burner, not even something unidentifiable stuck to a pan. I'm always impressed with people who write things with beginnings, middles and ends - that seems very robust.

I've never tried paste, but I thought the kind I had in kindergarten smelled pleasantly like toothpaste.