Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Boudreau's Birthday Bash Word Count Writing Contest Web Badge

We have one, courtesy of Art Director Ben:

"Boudreau's Pipe of Rhetorical Grandiosity"

Competitors can now spread the word about their participation on blogs, websites, and Facebook pages!

You can follow Ben on twitter @bentoons
Thanks, Ben!

Respectfully, I remain,
B. Freret


Anna Lefler said...

"I loves you, B-Porg..."

Okay, it works better if you sing it and pretend you're on Broadway (not the street).

;-) A.

bentoons said...

I'm officially entering the contest and have written five words: "Boudreau's Pipe of Rhetorical Grandiosity!" Unless I can count this comment, then thirty-six including my original five words and this sentence.