Monday, October 11, 2010

During Day Two

Jules is getting it done, with 3,542 words down on day one. Yes, that is a one day total. She wants to be like my friend when she grows up, a machine, and that is the way to do it. Now just do that every day, and you'll be untouchable! Really. No one will want near you. Shower somewhere in there, won't you? With soap.

Jenny's first day total of 2,165 words, if I remember correctly, has broken her total word count from last year for the entire two weeks, so kudos to her on this milestone. You'll note at her blog that she's shooting for 42K, no doubt to beat my remarkably good looking (and modest) friend's total from last year of 41 and change.

(Nicely posted to your blogs, you two. You both get cookies for following directions. Ahem.)

Jo has released, via Facebook, that she has 700-ish words thus far. But we all understand that poets are different- they have this thing about choosing the right words. And she is Canadian, so depending on the exchange rate, that is something like 900 words, American.

Everyone else? I don't know. Stay tuned.

About the author of the prize book(s), did I mention that Todd is a Pushcart nominee?

Humbly, I am
B. Freret

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Rochelle Denisha said...

I'm at about 2000 words (but since I'm working on an article it doesn't really count the same, I think).

However, it is getting my butt writing and revising.

I'm going to finish this article!!