Sunday, October 10, 2010


Boudreau's Birthday Bash Word Count Writing Contest is on!

To recap the rules:
  • You may contribute to an existing project for the contest, but only the words you write during the contest period will count for the contest. If you finish a project, you may begin a second project.
  • The contest HAS COMMENCED, effective 12:01am EST 10/10/10, and will conclude at 11:59pm EST on 10/23/10.
  • You must post a running total word count daily at your blog / web site, so the other competitors can see where everyone stands.
  • You must email a single Word document containing all the words you've written, to me, before 12:00am EST 10/24/10. I will use Word to determine the total number of words in your document. I will then destroy the document, and the email, and if you'd like, my computer as well, unless you tell me in the body of the email that I may read the document, in which case I will likely read a page or two or the whole thing, weeping and gnashing my teeth (rending of clothing discretionary) at the beauty of your work, before destroying the document, and the email, and my computer.
  • You must wish me a happy birthday. It is today.
In addition to my friend, the lineup includes:

  • Jules
  • Rochelle
  • Donna
  • Milton
  • Chris
  • Emily
  • Jenny
  • Dustin (like Milton, no website, so we have to work something out to publish their daily totals in a way that everyone can easily access), and
  • Jo
I am honored and humbled to be associated with these people, and I know that great things will happen as a result of this process.

B. Freret


Jules said...

Happy, Happy Birthday!

For you...

"There once was a wordsmith named Boudreau...
Who posted this contest because he's oh, so cool
Pics of winners and losers
Some friends and entertaining boozers
His witty banter endears many
But what I really want from him is his copy

(of Before You Were a Prophet).

Apologies to all for this shoddy poem. It's late. But I felt the need Not speed.

Dustin said...

Hey where's my name?

Chris said...

Happenstance: two people in your epic contest have the exact same wordpress theme. They must both be epically awesome people.

That is all.

Harley May said...

Is this happening again? Yes or No.