Saturday, October 16, 2010

Week One Standings - UPDATED

Okay, as of late Saturday, the end of week one, here are the standings as reported to me (and, in the case of the last three listed, as I suspect until told otherwise):

Chris: 6,144
Julia: 5,508
Jenny: 3,500
Jo: 700
Dustin: Some number

Donna: No number
Rochelle: No number
Milton: No number

Remember, my friend is giving the prize to one of you - he isn't going to give it to himself*, even if he has the most words when the contest ends.

So, write. Then write some more. This is going to be close, and the prize is totally worth pushing yourself.

Respectfully, I am
B. Freret

* A touchy subject best left alone.

1 comment:

Jules Archer said...

Agh, I have not done any writing today on this story. Must. Step. It. Up. Or get served.