Friday, October 15, 2010

Winding Up Week One

As the first week of Boudreau's Birthday Bash Word Count Writing Contest winds down, this seems like a great opportunity to beg everyone to please send me their total word counts so far.

Please send me your total words so far? Please? In a comment to this post, perhaps? Whatever it takes.

I'll post them here in a blog entry, so we can all see who is in the lead for first place and Todd Heldt's wonderful novel, Before You Were a Prophet. My friend, the contest organizer, has no small amount of anxiety that no one can see where everyone stands. There will be a winner, and at least one book (two, if the previous record is broken) will be mailed to one of you.

So, would everyone please provide me with their total number of words so far, so I can post the standings as of the close of week one?

Your Humble and obed't Serv't,
B. Freret

1 comment:

Chris said...

Check it.

Yeah, I'm failing. But I have a no writing on Saturdays policy. Kind of like a sabbath. But I can use electricity and leave the house and stuff. I mean, I'm not inSANE, after all.

Makes me wish I had a novel or book of poems or a really long algorithm or something to work on.