Friday, February 12, 2010

See, I Think I am a Funny: Ligitimately!

"Well, I'm not a critic, I'm just a worker.
So, I'm always grateful for anything the critics say - good or bad.
- Mandy Patinkin

I am somebody! I have progressed beyond inspiring indifference, and have my first critic who cared enough to share the following at an online forum for the game Advanced Squad Leader:


Well, I checked out the interview. Not a thing he states, does he do so seriously. See, he thinks he is a funny. And I guess he is, a little bit. But not enough that he's actually published anything...

Then I checked out the guy's blog.

Seems he fancies himself a writer, and a humorist. Okay, some of his stuff is cute. Ho-hum.

It dawned on me today that his comment about Advanced Squad Leader was a commentary. He's making fun of us, basically. My theory is that he found a forum (perhaps this one), probably lurked, is fascinated by the whole internet forum dynamic, and soon learned about ASL's reputation, about the reputation of ASL's followers, followed some of the conversations, etc., etc. And in the interview, he's making fun.

The joke, as I'm sure he sees it, is that basically nobody who reads the interview will know what ASL is, and therefore it makes him seem just a little bit more quirky.

This is all just my opinion, but I utterly do not believe that anyone who studies the ASLRB and can talk intelligently about it, would not be able to play the game. To an ASLer, that statement is simply absurd. To the guy's two dozen fans, it would seem another example of the guy's quirkiness. He's JOKING, folks. I seriously doubt he understands ASL at all.

I'm not impressed, and frankly I don't expect to be hearing more about this guy in the future. His writing is not that good; if it was, he'd be published. I mean ligitimately published, not self-published or POD. I understand that getting published requires a great deal of luck, but really. He's not THAT good.

That's one of the problems with the internet: the dilution of talent. We are saturated with mediocrity or sub-mediocrity, and there is no motivation to edit or conduct proper research if all one does is "publish" on the internet. Eventually, humans will figure it out, and come to realize that just because something is on the internet does not mean it is any good or has even minimum standards. I figure it will take about a generation. My current batch of children, who are 8, 5, and 1, have grown up with the internet and have never known otherwise. Their generation will be the one to figure out that "internet" does not equal "authoritative".

Treadhead, Bloomfield Hills, MI

I am grateful and flattered, and appreciate the time and effort Mr. Treadhead put into this!

Your humble and obed’t Serv’t,
B. Freret

Wednesday, February 03, 2010