Thursday, January 20, 2011

Word Count Writing Contest Epilogue

You may recall Boudreau's Birthday Bash Word Count Contest from last fall: the talented Jules Archer won a copy of Todd Heldt's first novel, Before You Were a Prophet.

I apologize for the delay, but I did actually send Jules her prize, she read it, has nice things to say about it ("... I really enjoyed it, and it will stick with me.... so much to ponder with well-written, flawed but interesting characters....") and was kind enough to provide this photographic evidence that she eats Lucky Charms*, owns other books, and has a (freakishly) uncluttered home:

Thanks again to Jules for the pictures, to Todd for writing such an engaging novel, and to all the competitors for inspiring my friend to write so much that he almost finished his own novel during the contest. (By almost finished his novel, I mean writing one, not reading one. He's read two, maybe three books already in his life, and not picture books!) He has since completed the first draft, made the gross corrections with the assistance of the copy-editor from hell, and recently tumbled headfirst into the abyss of rewriting the whole damn thing. (I miss him.)

Humbly, I remain,
B. Freret

* Or at least owns Lucky Charms.


Marda said...

Jules rocks.
She inspires me.
And she's pretty.

Jules Archer said...

Kind words from a cutie like yourself, Marda. Thank you so much!

And thank you Boudreau for the book, the contest and the sweet blog post.

Here's hoping you find your friend Todd one of these days.

Anna Lefler said...

Damn, but that is some convincing evidence.

And, yes, she *is* pretty.

And now I'm craving Lucky Charms.


MOLLYC said...

Well, at our house, "sugar" cereal is verboten. But you could get a picture of me eating: 1)a huge bowl of Multi Bran Chex with lots of Splenda 2)toast and more toast with jam or 3)huge amounts of bittersweet chocolate, which is very good for your heart. molly

marcus speh said...

jules is pretty but of course that is entirely besides the point. she looks like a french actress, when she's angry and like a french philosopher when she's puzzled, but that is entirely besides the point. she writes well, but that is besides the point because this comment is about boudreau, only about him and his blog and his looks which i cannot say anything about but that is besides the point. cheers.

The Flying Chalupa said...

I'm always wary of freakishly uncluttered homes. But books AND Lucky Charms? Make it seem not so scary.

Thanks to Anna for pointing me in your direction!